by Regular Hero

November 21, 2016

Regular Hero is a group of people that simply want to “make things better.” Please visit, for more information. Some of our activities include feeding the homeless, mentoring at risk teenagers, helping veterans suffering from PTSD, and organizing blood drives and pizza parties for children’s hospitals. Our mission with the hospitals is a special one. When illness affects a child, it affects the entire family. Unlike most non-profits, we can directly benefit these families. In the past year we helped families avoid being homeless, paid electric bills, fixed cars and wheelchairs, thrown welcome home parties, and sadly paid for funerals. We do all we can to alleviate suffering and bring as much joy as possible.

This holiday season we need your help to continue this mission and help a very special family. Little Angelo was abandoned at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as an infant. A nurse at the hospital couldn’t bear to see this tiny little boy battle cancer alone. She herself was a cancer survivor and grew up in foster care, so with the blessings of her other children, they adopted Angelo. This loving family needs our help. Angelo is now three years old and is fighting for his life. This family deserves a magical Christmas and with your help will we be able to provide that for them. Please give what you can.


To learn more about Angelo and his family, watch the video HERE.